Greg Takes All: the last part of the Wonder that is Fifty Shades of Greg


After much toil and procrastination over the past few months or so (during which I had so much to do, and so little inclination to do it that I ended up doing nothing), I am happy to present the final five sketches in my little collection of Gregoire La Souflurre comics. I’ve really enjoyed creating these; I hope you’ve enjoyed following the whole series – I do have another one in the works, but I’m currently working long hours, so that isn’t going to materialise any time soon…


46.A college senior, SJ, and I both participated in a “college adoption scheme”, in which second years adopted and looked after finalists as they panicked their way through Finals. SJ was my adoptee, and, as a keen sportswoman and frisbee player, a pictorial offering was definitely in order. I drew this (though she’s not at all clumsy and very very nimble!) and she loved it – apparently, she kept it as a talisman during dark dark days…


47. My university is very keen on rowing. Very very keen. (Too keen, but that’s a different matter altogether). To commemorate that, I temporarily made Greg an M1/W1 Rower and gave him a college blazer for his pains. It’s a shame that I never reached his dazzling heights, but then again, I’ve always hated anything remotely resembling sheer hard graft…

48 - Copy

48. I, a good friend of mine at university, is literally one of the most fabulous people I have ever had the privilege to meet. He’s also quite good at bop costumes, as has been immortalised in the college hall of fame as Freddie Mercury in the gloriously random video “I want to break free”. The vacuum cleaner was, of course, an added touch – my friend didn’t drag one with him everywhere he went in college!

49 - Copy

49. My friend M is a fabulous all-round sportswoman, who’s dabbled and excelled in almost every sport I can think of – netball, rowing, boxing: you name it, she’s probably done it. This picture was created to celebrate her fantastic achievements, including being a national champion in youth boxing!!! As you can probably imagine, I try my best not to annoy her.. 😉

50 - Copy

50. One of my best friends, J, who has been such a rock of support during a tough three years of undergrad, is (as you can see) is a chemist – and a damned good one at that. She’s also, by her own admission, incredibly clumsy in the lab, and has apparently broken countless test tubes and petri dishes in her time. This last picture of the series was meant to be a fitting tribute for a fabulous gal x

Well, that’s it. Finis. I have no other words, except to say a big *thank you* to all of Greg’s fans who have adored and cossetted him all these months. These pictures are for all those whose motto in life is “Greg is love, Greg is life”…

H & G x