la raison d’être


Hi, I’m Hectorella, a “teenager” nev’r-do-well.

01. The First of a long series of Greg sketches

01. The First of a long series of Greg sketches

No, that’s not me, sadly, though it is one of my creations, “Greg”.


What do I like and what am I like? Well, many things; humour, cheese, ripe raspberries, soft toys, and idle scribblings. I’m alternately secretive and loud; demonstrative and reserved. I hate hypocrisy, but I love pomp and tradition. I love music, but hate noisy neighbours. I like randomly walking all over the place, and sneaking into children’s playgrounds to have a go on the swings. I like maturity, and wish I was mature.

So, what is the aim of this “blog”? Well, despite all evidence to the contrary, this is not meant to be an egocentric blog about me and my life. I am well aware that that story isn’t the most riveting on the world wide web.
This is meant to be a collection of writings, ramblings, drawings, musings. I may occasionally make a running commentary on events in my life, but that’s more likely to be incidental than deliberat.
I’m writing this for my own pleasure, but also to practise the art that is writing. I never expected to enjoy it; writing has been a bit of an acquired “talent” (if I may be so bold), and I never got the hang of reading, to be honest.
I think I should probably forewarn you though; I’m not clever, witty, or sharp. These reviews will be done for my own satisfaction, and if you choose to read them, then I’d be very happy. But all of these will be what I call very real – no artifice or pretentiousness, just my own opinions and thoughts, no matter how unintellectual or coarse. In the course of these reviews, I may even totally misinterpret a plot or a theme. If so, I apologise beforehand for offending anyone’s sensibilities; but, as I said, this blog is an exercise in expressing my thoughts, nothing more, and it is to be hoped, nothing less.


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