Grégoire Among the Ruins: an apologia about my lack of creativity, and more Gregs


It is a truth universally acknowledged (according to moi), that all intentions, no matter how good, pure, or sincere, mostly and inevitably get tarnished and eventually chucked. This, at any rate, applies to me: there I was, secure in my own supercilious pomposity, intent on writing and posting exactly how much I wanted to. After all, isn’t time simply what one makes of it. Four essays, piles of translations, and a few panic attacks later, I humbly concede that I am absolutely rubbish at managing my own personal time, and thus it is unlikely that I’ll even be able to produce on critical review per month. Mon Dieu. With a humility that is uncharacteristically French (haha), I present to his adoring fans five more pieces from the Grégoire the Grizzly Comics. Please enjoy. It’ll make me feel marginally less bad about being such an appalling time manager.


26. I am very melodramatic. I am also very good at making a mountain out of a molehill. It is reasonably fair to say that I overreact. In light of this, I decided to make my little creation as ridiculous as me. And, seeing as he is French, and a great aficionado of all things over-the-top and frilly, what better guise could I put him in, than a musketeer’s outfit? The Riot Club mention was merely a throwaway comment to commemorate the awkwardness and stiltedness of the entire film.


27. If it wasn’t already apparent from the previous pictures, I have a great interest in Art and Fashion through the ages. This Greg was partially inspired by the Princess in Braveheart. Despite the lack of historical accuracy in the epic itself, I thought that the film was a nice tribute to epic cinematography in general, and especially liked the costume and the soundtrack. This Greg is an attempt to commemorate this.


28. My good friend J is an awful hack. Truly awful. He was also absolutely insistent on getting a Greg, as he feels ‘he is a little bit of a big deal’ (really now J?). This Greg encapsulates all that is J, and, despite grumbling, secretly, he very much loves the tongue-in-cheek nature of the comic.


29. My college mother L is a Japanologist (as you can probably tell from the Greg). I wanted to thank her for her amazing parental skills (she gave me cookies!), so I drew her this Greg. She approves, she definitely approves 🙂

30 - Copy

30. My friend P is absolutely mad. He is obsessed (and I really mean obsessed) with lingusitics and languages, so much so that sarcasm etc goes completely over his head. His enthusiasm was infectious, and so I gave him a Greg comic as a wry tribute and satirical take on his all-consuming passions. Surprisingly, he quite liked it, and said “it was quite accurate” (you don’t say). Watch out for an upcoming review soon, and new installments of Greg next month! I only have seven slots left until I finish off the entire series, and whilst I am excited about the prospect of finishing off a project on such a successful high, I am also sad that the end is drawing near. Oh well, there’s always time for future projects! Best wishes, Hectorella and Grégoire.